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Mazzei is a Melbourne-based builder that specialises in constructing exceptional and award-winning homes. The company offers end-to-end “design and build” solutions including services like landscape architecture, interior design and lighting. Thanks to its partnership with the Dan Webster Architecture (DWA), clients are offered great home architecture along with construction cost certainty.

One of the key requirements for joining hands with Swivel was for Mazzei to be able to cut down on expensive resources. Swivel’s access to a high-skill talent pool enabled Mazzei to grow its operations efficiently with an extended team. This also allowed Mazzei to focus and develop its other areas of the business.

“The consequence of employing Swivel is that we’ve been able to be a bit more proactive with our suppliers,” mentions Peter Tsantis, CFO at Mazzei. Peter went on to say that this meant Mazzei was able to pay suppliers timelier, while developing the operations with the extended team in hopes of continuing for a more long-term engagement.

Looking into the future, Peter feels optimistic about Mazzei’s partnership with Swivel and its own growth as well. As Mazzei expands both in market share and its operations, Swivel will continue to explore growth opportunities with its promising extended team.