A Globally Recognized Premium outsourcing provider

A Globally Recognized Premium outsourcing provider


Swivel Group is an Australian business which is working in close partnership with Sri Lanka to recruit premium talent for the Australian/NZ market at industry standards. We provide a range of offshore services across technology, finance, marketing and administration for companies at various levels of maturity. With an on-ground presence in Australia and Sri Lanka, our goal is to provide a link to our partners that will give them the freedom and flexibility to grow.

Swivel Group is also in partnership with FinTech Global Solutions (Google Partner), with a strong background in providing offshore operations at a global scale with clients ranging from start-up to enterprise. 

Swivel Group has access to an untapped marketplace of talent in Sri Lanka with proven processes and active and stable operations to support them.

We can cater to all industries and business sizes. After initial interest, our team will reach out to discuss the landscape of your team and where there are opportunities to offshore specifc roles or functions. Our goal is to provide the best-suited solution that will make your local team more effcient and allow them to focus on more strategic, business-facing activity.


We are different from other offshoring service providers as we are based in Melbourne and offer free onsite consultations, process implementation and periodic follow up locally. Our Directors are leaders in their industries with 20+ years in the Australian & New Zealand markets in a variety of leadership roles across ASX listed organizations. 

Here at Swivel, we ooze Premium. Across our Sri Lankan offce, we only attract the top 1% of talent through our rigorous recruitment process. Staff retention and development is at the forefront of our culture, and we achieve this by offering generous staff salaries, modern offces and an Australian working culture. We also drive a collaborative environment with on-going training & development that enables growth within our organization. As such, we are an Employer of Choice, currently with ZERO attrition and the majority of new staff coming through personal referrals and specialist recruitment partners.


Swivel Group recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. Empowering women and minorities in the workplace and community is fundamental towards building strong economies, ensuring a more stable and just society, and achieving sustainable development for the local community. We guarantee a zero gender pay gap across the Group and hold an impressive female/male ratio across our workforce with a vision to develop leaders across our business.

Across our value chain, respect towards human rights is at the forefront of our offerings and will be a priority among all of our partnerships. We are also involved across a variety of initiatives locally to ensure we consistently give back to the community that supports us.

Why Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has emerged as the go-to offshore destination for organizations across the world with over 300 BPO companies currently in operation. We have access to a vibrant and diverse talent pool that can service your business and drive effciency.

Ease of travel and communication

The two and a half hour (Perth), to four and a half(Melbourne/Sydney) time difference means Sri Lankan service operators on an “extended day”.

Our team pick up their client’s data just before mid-day AEST and deliver late in the day, in time for the following morning. There are direct flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka with a simple Visa process on arrival, making business travel fast and convenient.

Cost Competitiveness

Sri Lanka offers remarkably low costs to value: 10% lower than India in IT and 20% lower in BPO, according to A.T. Kearney. Wage inflation and staff turnover is also smaller in comparison. Quality infrastructure is cheaper in Sri Lanka. As a result, several BPO companies are housed in buildings such as the World Trade Centre, while dedicated IT/BPO industry parks have sample capacity.

Global Rankings

Tholons have recognized Sri Lanka as a Global Centre of Excellence for Financial Accounting Outsourcing (FAO). These analyst reports provide independent validation of Sri Lanka’s blended value proposition, including cost competitiveness , skilled labour, and quality infrastructure.

Connectivity and Information Security

Connectivity and Information Security Confdence in connectivity and data security are vital components in offshoring. Sri Lanka’s  state of-the-art infrastructure and IP security  places it in Asia’s top ten in the Network Readiness Index (NRI).

With five sub-sea cables, improved transport infrastructure, and the frst country to attempt island-wide internet through Google Loon, Sri Lanka is at the forefront of countries offering business processes as a service. Sri Lankan vendors have a track record of success remotely managing fnancial operations through cutting-edge IT systems, effcient practices, and a highly-qualifed workforce.

Government Support

The Sri Lankan government fully supports the nation’s outsourcing efforts. To make Sri Lanka a world-recognized offshoring centre by 2020, the government has pledged US$70 million to invest in digital infrastructure to furtheradvance the outsourcing economy. Accordingto the Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), the tax and investment benefts for foreign businesses and the safe, legal environment have given fnancial giants such as HSBC, CAMMS, and IFS the confdence to establish service centres in Sri Lanka.

Knowledge and Expertise

Driven by an education-focused culture, Sri Lanka has an unusually high ratio of graduates in accounting and fnance disciplines, only second to the UK in terms of qualified Charted Accountants. Service providers are generally certified in software packages such as Xero, QuickBooks,  MYOB, and SAGE, allowing for a smooth back-end integration with accounting platforms and fnancial systems. The country also boasts high levels of literacy, English language profciency (thanks to its history as a British colony) and Australian-qualifed graduates.